Discovering Joy in the Journey with your Child.

 Tips to finding joy in your daily journey with your child:

1-)  Balance self-care with child-care.  Focusing only on your own needs leaves a child feeling neglected and unimportant.  Focusing only on your child’s needs can lead to a burn out.  Children love to see us happy and follow what we do.  Take time to show your child that he or she is important to you.  Take time for self-care also.  This gives your child the message that everyone is important.

2-)  Slow down enough to play with your child.  Do some dishes and cook, clean a bit yes.  But be willing to let the extra deep cleaning go for a moment and once the home is tidied up a bit, take some time to just play with your child doing activities together that your child really enjoys.  Does your child love star wars?  Play pretend star wars games or with star wars legos.  Does your child love little ponies or barbies? get them out and have some fun together. Your child will be delighted and the delight on your child’s face will be contagious to your own face :-).

3-) Do things together with your child that you love to do. Do you love music? Share this gift with your child.  Do you like to create?  Sit down with a paper and some crayons and draw also while your child draws.  Love to cook?  Have your child help you make a favorite recipe together.  Like to read?  Let your child sit next to you and browse through books while you read something interesting to you, and take time to share some stories together.  Love nature?  Take your child along with you on a nature discovery walk.  Doing things together that you both enjoy brings back the enjoyment in childcare while giving you opportunities to create valuable memories and strengthen your bond.

4-) Teach your child how to say affirmations, and say them together.  An affirmation is a positive statement about a belief about oneself.  Some fun ones to say together are “I am special, I am beautiful, I am kind, I am smart, I am brave, I love my life, I love my family,” and so on.

5-) Put on your favorite music and alternate with your child’s favorite music throughout the day.  Dance and sing and have fun with your child today! Bring out some pots and pans or toy instruments and have a ball having a band together.

Hopefully some of these ideas brought to you from this Provo Preschool and Childcare Program will brighten your day. Have a wonderful day!

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