Studies show that one of the top predictors of success in life is the ability to communicate well and get along with others.

Those who develop the ability to get along well with others have higher confidence in themselves, perform better in school, have higher paying careers, happier and longer lasting marital relationships, better health, and experience a greater degree of happiness over all in their lifetimes.

At Discovery School, one of the top strengths of our program is that we teach the children how to develop strong communication skills that enable them to get along well with others.

Children need a safe and calm atmosphere in which to learn how to handle their own emotions and fears in life. Adults are the role models from which the children learn how to manage emotions.

Teachers at Discovery School model empathy, kindness, patience, and honesty. Teachers label out loud their own feelings and expectations so that the children can learn to do the same. Children at Discovery School learn positive self-talk skills and affirmations to build their self-confidence.

Discovery School teachers stay calm when children become upset, and do not use harsh words or voice tones when disciplining (disciple means to teach) children appropriate ways to manage their emotions.
We teach them how to use their words rather than to hit or to yell to get what they want for example.
We teach them how to notice the faces of their friends when they interact with them and the effect their behaviors can have on others, both positive and negative.
Children learn relaxation skills to use when they are feeling upset.
Children learn about feelings and how to label their feelings, accept their feelings, and appropriate versus inappropriate ways of handling their emotions.

Discovery School teachers use empathy and help the children to label all of their feelings such as happy, sad, angry, confused, jealous, excited, shy, etc. More about using empathy with children can be found by such authors as Dr. Becky Bailey in her book “I love you rituals” and Dr. Harvey Kerr in his books and on you tube “the happiest baby on the block”, and “the happiest toddler on the block”.

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