At Discovery School we focus on meeting the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs of each child. Our professional curriculum prepares younger preschool age children for kindergarten, enhances the education of school age children, and builds a foundation for a bright future for your child.

20140521_095818-1Value Lesson

We begin our day with a Value Lesson that helps children learn how to navigate successfully through their lives. Topics covered include how to be a good friend, the golden rule, family, how to share feelings appropriately, and service to others.
We teach the children that there is a Creator who loves them and watches out for them. We include prayer in our day , and any child who would like to may pray, however no one is forced to do so.
We share the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in our school. We accept children and families of all faiths and beliefs and love to share and learn about all faiths and beliefs with each other. We promote tolerance and respect for all.
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Our Provo Preschool Discovery Centers
Our carefully planned discovery centers allow our preschool age children to discover the topics of pre math and math skills, reading, writing, science, art, and computer skills in their own pace. Each area is set up in a separate space in the preschool. Children determine which centers they wish to work on, and all centers are available and set up for use during discovery time. School age children review and expand
Children enhance their fine motor, sorting, sequencing, reasoning, thinking, and social skills.

Circle Time600

I love circle time! Discovery School is fun during learning time at our Provo Child Care and Preschool. We begin our group time with a prayer. We then sing a song, say or sing the words to the pledge of allegiance, do our calendar, weather, and count in English and Spanish.
We have a music session.
We then move to the opposite side of the room to our reading section and learn the ABC’s and phonics, sign language, practice writing, and listen to stories.

Kid’s Club20140520_114702

We love learning and playing together!Children enjoy a science, art, music, cooking, or social skills activity that introduces them to new concepts in their world.

Kid’s Choice

Children may choose to explore the dramatic play area in the princess room, the block play area in the pirate room, or continue to enjoy the math, computer, science, art, reading or writing centers.


We love to learn our ABC’s!IMG_1869

We have weekly letters, numbers, and themes of the week for our pre school age children.

An example: For the week focusing on the letter F, we talk about F the flamingo freezing and saying the sound “fffff”. Children practice writing the letter F on the chalkboard. Children learn how to sign the letter F in sign language.

We discuss how to be a good friend and have activities that teach this concept.
We do an art project that includes our “feathery flying friends” (birds) such as gluing feathers, finger painting, etc. We make bird feeders and place them outside.

We conduct one of our quarterly fire drills and talk about fire safely. Time permitting we may visit the local fire department or arrange for a visit from a fireman.

We include finger plays and songs with words that start with F during our circle time. We go “fishing for fours and fives” in our math center, find out which types of fabrics fade in the sun for outside time, search for objects that sound like “ffff”, play games such as follow the footprints to encourage social skills, etc.

Field Trips20140710_113324-1

Field trips are fun!
Our local field trips allow children to see and experience their community. Children get to see fire trucks and talk with firemen at the fire station, see the animals and dinosaur bones we have been learning about at school at the museums, enjoy outside experiences in nature and parks, feed the ducks at ponds, learn about money from a real banker at the bank, children also enjoy during our summer program swimming, and skating, and more. This adds variety and gives real life experiences to build on for a lifetime.